To win more business in this fiercely competitive digital landscape

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In the digital and remote environment of Covid19, most sales collateral, processes and sales presentations haven’t been updated and refined to match the way people and businesses now buy.  And the marketing approach and creating sales content to spark interest and awareness to attract buyers has been turned on its head.

The playing field is different, it feels like some rules have changed. There is more competition and scoring to win feels like it has become more difficult than ever.  Sales collateral and sales presentations are the key to success. And To Win More helps businesses improve engagement to increase sales performance and accelerate revenue growth. 

2020 into 2021 outlook

Revenue decline for 2020 is pretty much accepted by most businesses. But the only thing certain about 2021 is that most assumptions about it will be wrong.

What needs to happen for revenue growth to suddenly occur? Well an immediate return to normal would help with a “V” shaped recovery would be great. But this is very unlikely.  What is expected is more of a wide “U” shaped recovery that will require endurance to survive and thrive.

A new sales performance plan to succeed in 2021

Getting to some levels of acceptable sales revenue performance is an essential strategy. And with this longer-term approach, businesses will have to do many things differently during the next 6 – 18 months. Sales collateral and sales presentations must be updated. And for success to occur you will need to develop a new and specific performance plan. You will need to strengthen your core, build new muscles, improve response and increase your flexibility.

A performance plan that includes exercises that form new habits:

  • Become more memorable — create more memorable sales collateral, sales presentations with messaging to differentiate from competitors 
  • Harness analytics — apply science and analytics to originating prospects, nurturing leads that increase pipeline management
  • Digital — embrace and incorporating virtual selling techniques with your sales collateral and sales presentations
  • Customer centric — create stronger client centred sales messaging and content spanning your sales collateral and sales presentations that navigate and secure successful client relationships

So this becomes an issue of time, short term pain for long term gain.  When do you start forming new habits and refining your approach for the marathon ahead? And what proactive steps can you take now to start a new performance plan and accelerate your revenue growth?

Update your sales collateral and sales presentations. Get in contact now and complete a ‘CIA’ capability improvement assessment to fine tune your performance plan and accelerate your revenue engine.

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